carthage // tunisia

On our trek across the Mediterranean, we made a stop along the northern coast of Africa in the country of Tunisia. We were fortunate enough to mark off two continents with this trip. We visited the ancient city of Carthage and saw all the historical ruins when it was a major power on the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, the cities weren't as pretty as the ruins. Tunisia is a new democracy and the country is still struggling to get on its feet. The streets were littered with trash and feces. The people begged and haggled over cheap trinkets almost to the point of harassment. Our hope is that one day, peace will come to this poverty stricken area. And the people will get on their feet and make bring this country back to its roots. So I found the unseen beauty of the country through these images. But I am not taking for granted the humbling experience it brought to know that other places of this world have it far worse than we ever dreamed.


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