dream chaser

Wow. It has been quite a while since I have written here. And I still have two more Europe stops to post, but that will be for another time. I promise, I'll catch up one day with this little world of mine. You know, sometimes the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way of reflecting on the good in our lives.

Today marks the official day where I walked into the classroom not as an educator, as I've been for the last four years, but as a student. Even though, I have been a student far longer than an educator, the nerves remained. But the anticipation and eagerness for the adventure that lay ahead kept my feet going. It was a far different perspective than the alternative of getting my classroom ready, attending meeting, greeting coworkers and preparing for another crazy year of being an educator/ mother/ nurse/ mediator/ judge/ lawyer all balled into one. And I can't tell you the feeling of relief that I have knowing that maybe this will be a year that I actually have sanity and a memory. I have so much more appreciation for those that can retire in that field, now that I have been there. And I'm still not completely convinced those that do didn't loose their mind somewhere along the way! ;) But seriously, elementary educators and law enforcement need to be paid up there with doctors because they also hold many lives in their hands.

I walked in a little late due to traffic, quickly located an empty seat and flipped through the syllabus. The nerves quickly slipped away as the excitement filled it's place. It was a hand drafting class. One where I will be sketching, creating and dreaming. But more importantly, I was excited to finally get to learn about things I have wanted to since my fourteen year old self first picked up that Architectural Digest. It is such an enlightening feeling getting to do what you have wanted to for so long. And all of those feelings of thinking that maybe I should have stayed where I was because I knew what to expect went right out. I was right where I needed to be.

Sometimes "life" has to wait while you chase your dreams.


Scott Bowman said…
I am so excited for you. I am glad to see you chase your dream. I wonder how much longer I will stay. I enjoy teaching but have a unfilled interest that I can't put my finger on. I look forward to your post.
Debra Beckham said…
I'm so happy for you.We only live once in our life time.May God bless you as you follow your dreams.

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