Beach Babe

I think we can all agree that true friends are hard to come by. If we actually took the time to consider what friendship means to us and considered the people we examine our "friends" we might be a little disappointed. But life is so much richer with those few. 

It is better to have few who are true than many impostors.

I almost missed out on a wonderful friendship due to my own snobbery.---- This beautiful curly headed girl with a bubbly personality came hopping in my mathematics class at Appalachian State. I placed judgement on her, categorizing her as one of those "fake" girls until she sat right across the table from me. Immediately, I saw the true intentions of her heart and spirit. She had a lively soul, and we soon became best friends. Throughout the years, we have gotten married, started our careers as educators, and made annual trips to visit one another. She calls me her "mountain momma" (hence the previous post title) and she is my "beach babe". We can go weeks even months without speaking and our conversations never notice the elapsed time. I am forever grateful to her and her friendship.

 This is my annual coastal trip.


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