Summer Scenery

 It's funny how life treats you sometimes. You have things planned, but he has others. I had planned to be a world traveler this summer instead I have spent it doing this...
 enjoying sweet snuggles, 123's, ABC's, and making funny faces
Hillbilly ride to the pool anyone?
"Oh Superman, you are so handsome!"

This is his pucker-up face; one of his many!! :)
This little peanut is a singer and graced us with her Bruno Mars rendition.
I will forever love this sweet profile.
I have spent valuable time with my nieces and nephews, friends, cousins, and family. And I wouldn't have changed it. Even for the world. :)

Sometimes he teaches us that people are more important than things.


melissa beaver said…
LOVE this!! your pictures are really great:))

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