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Gift giving is my love language. But in the past few years, I have struggled to remember when dates are coming up and planning for them accordingly.

But when Mother's Day was coming up, I was racking my brain to make this one special. I just had to do something different; no jewelry, no flowers, no gift cards. It needed to be something that had thought to do it to make up for lack of gift giving lately.

I saw some diy terrariums on Pinterest and just knew what I was going to do. Oh, and my mother-in-law had fairly recently mentioned them! :) They are fairly easy to make and I really weren't too expensive.

When choosing your terrarium, you have to consider a few things. Where will you place it, and how much sunlight will it get? That should determine the types of plants you will use and what type of container. I decided to make two different ones; A fern terrarium for my mother-in-law because she never opens her blinds, and a succulent terrarium for my sister-in-law because she has great natural light in her house.

What You'll Need:
-glass container of your choice (open ones are ideal for succulents and closed for moisture loving plants)
-river stones or rocks
-activated carbon (aka activated charcoal) Found at local pet shops for fish tanks. P.S. Lowe's does not carry this. I tried. :/
-soil (there are different kinds for different plants so be sure to the appropriate kind for whichever plants you choose)

Bought these for 50% off at Hobby Lobby when they had their glass on sale.
Place stones at the bottom to allow drainage. I have larger river rocks for my fern terrarium and some lighter ones for the cactus terrarium.
Add a little layer of the activated carbon to filter the water.
Then add a layer of soil. You want the roots of your plants to be submerged in the soil so make sure you add enough to cover the roots. This picture was prior to adding soil.
Add plants and more rocks for decoration.

For my fern terrarium, I did add some live moss, but it is not a necessity.

Enclosed terrariums does tend to get some condensation on the inside, but if pretty much keeps itself. You may have to check it every couple of weeks and add water if soil is dry. But you shouldn't have to water very often.

For the cactus terrarium, water only when soil dries out. Only put enough to dampen the soil.

Good luck! :)


Sarah S. said…
These are awesome! I would love a few of these around my house.

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