Spring Crafts- DIY Style

Wood Chalkboard

  • wood slat (bought mine at Hobby Lobby $7 but $4.2 with 40% coupon.
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint brush
  • chalk
 You may want to primer the wood prior to painting. I never do because I am too impatient. :/ Let the paint dry and re-layer. Also, before you use chalk on any chalkboard, you should always prep the area with chalk dust prior to so that the words are "stained" onto the board. Found this one out the hard way. 

Burlap Banner
  • burlap squares (mine are 5x6 inches)
  • paint + paint brush
  • stencils
  • twine
  • hot glue 
I had the painters pen to fill in where it needed it, but it isn't necessary.
I spaced each square about one inch apart. Put a small line of hot glue under the twine and roll the top backwards onto the glue to secure square into place.                              

If only my orchid was blooming. Whomp, whomp.

Now I am a little addicted to old windows. I currently have three hanging in my house. But I recently changed out my old twelve frame chalkboard window for a full frame one! 

Filling my house with inspirational words to help keep me in the right mindset. 


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