Happy Birthday to You.

Celebrating the birth of this sweet man today.
Photo Credit: Melissa Beaver at The Lovely Words.
We have spent many years together forming a love and bond unlike any other. We have had the great fortune of growing up together.  

We have learned many things about one another and ourselves along the way. We have learned to trust in some things and let go of others. We have learned that asking works better than telling. We have learned to give one another time. We have learned that to truly make our marriage work, we still have to be true to who we are as individuals. I like to say...

"He gave me roots, and I gave him wings."

He is such an incredible source of strength and ambition. 
He is practical and humorous. 
He is persistent, dedicated, and reliable.
He is compassionate and forgiving.
He is my stability. 
he is the love of my life.


I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you for a thousand more.


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