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As many of you know, I have started my own little business making headbands for wee ones. I started it as a hobby for my nieces. My older sister and I always dreamed of opening a little shop with reclaimed furniture (made by me), clothes (made by both of us), and handmade jewelry (made by her).  Well, as of 2013 this has not happened yet, and I don't think it will occur anywhere in the near future. So, I searched out a plan to make baby headbands in bulk instead.

The first official sale was at the local Apple Festival in our town. I made decent money, and I was actually offered to make them in bulk for a local accessories store and have them sold at her boutique in Birkdale Village (aka really swanky area near Charlotte). As excited as the thought made me, I was completely overwhelmed with where to even begin with such a daunting task. YOU have to remember this was my first rodeo. So I politely declined but asked her how to reach her if I could make it a possibility. 

In the end, I decided to opt out of the retail side (for now). Maybe one day it can become a reality, but for now, I do good to come home, clean, wash dishes, and somewhat keep my house from disarray. And even though I have started the online shop, I had no realization what actually went into it. I should have known better simply based on my experience with blogging, but as I often do, I jump into it blindly full steam ahead. Anything that is web based takes time, a lot of time. In this case there was not only making the products, but taking photos, adjusting settings, editing photos, uploading photos, listing them, creating an Etsy shop title, etc. As if time is already not on anybody's side, you have to go through multiple steps to even get something listed. So anyhow, after several weeks of working, I was finally able to update my shop with a new look and new products.

But guess what? I wasn't done there. There is still advertisement that goes into it to getting your products out there to people who want it. So... this is my advertising. :)

The headbands are made out of soft elastic varying in sizes from infants, babies, and toddlers. Toddler sizes will even fit adults. (I was surprised at how many adults bought my headbands for themselves at the Apple Festival.) Each paper flower is attached to a hair clip that attaches to the headband making it convenient for adding other flowers to the headband, or for the ease of just wearing the flower. I also have some listings for just flowers in my Vintage Collection and chiffon flowers attached to bobby pins. I am hoping in the next few months to add more products.

You can find my shop Southern Goodness here.

Please feel free to share! Thanks in advance!


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