Kingdom of the Heart

These are the words our pastor quoted this morning from the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

It resonated with me because I am guilty of not choosing the kingdom of the heart. It is so much easier to choose the kingdom of the world, the kingdom of judgement, and the kingdom of condemnation. It almost seems as though sometimes when we choose acceptance, we are condoning their actions. But Jesus accepted us as the flawed creatures we are. As long as we are human, we will remain flawed. Our flesh is of this world, but our hearts should reflect him.

I often find myself forgiving but not letting go. I begin to reevaluate relationships for fear of being hurt again. I feel the need to hold accountability for their actions, but is it my place? Is it my place to put judgement on them or love unconditionally? My flesh tells me one while my heart speaks truth. And more often I choose my flesh instead of the kingdom of the heart. But as it was spoken today... It's the kingdom of the heart or nothing at all.


Carolynn Markey said…
I'm the same way. Its hard to see the kingdom of heaven through my own selfishness sometimes
joni warren said…
Yes, sometimes you just need a big dose of reality!

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