Growing Up

As a young lad, I was the kid that was spontaneous, ambitious, and adventurous even to the point of thinking I was invincible. I was the one that stood up to the bullies on the bus and kicked noisy neighbors out of our yard. I thrived on suspense and scary movies. I was up for any challenge thrown my way. Have you ever heard that song "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)"? Well, that was me. I was Mia Hamm facing Michael Jordan in winning wrestling matches against my cousin. (male cousin...You know who you are.  :) 

Since then some things have changed. Well... actually a lot has changed. I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I am far from that confident child I once was. 

I am self-conscious now. I don't always chase my dreams. I have self-doubt even in the smallest of tasks. I close up when confrontation rears it's ugly head. I don't speak my mind like I used to. Every Sunday, I fight back the tears from being over emotional in church. I am having a harder time watching suspense movies and scary movies went out completely a few years ago! 

Did life experiences change me this much or did society? I am not really sure the answer to this, but somewhere along the way, I changed. Somewhere along the way, I left behind that confident spontaneous spirit.

Slowly, I am regaining her back. Learning to let things go and learning to find my inner child again.
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Carolynn Markey said…
I really like your new layout!! You are confident! I see it in your outfit and your blog :) I think you are brave just for putting yourself on the internet!

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