You are the apple of my eye.

Just in case you weren't aware, love day is this week. It's the cheesy holiday full of boxed chocolates and grocery store flowers. But I try to look at it a little bit differently. It is a day to show appreciation and gratitude to the one that makes you happy.

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Jianny Adamo's words speak to the truth of real love.

"In real love, your attitudes matter. Your actions matter. The choices you make matter. Being responsible matters. Having fun matters. Pleasure matters. Real love brings two strangers together for the dance of a lifetime. It gives you the opportunity to co-create the lives you desire and leads to deep personal growth and fulfillment like no other relationship offers.
In real love, each partner takes great care to satisfy the other’s needs and regards the other as his or her most valued prize; held in high esteem and with gratitude. There is a great sense of security and freedom in this form of love which comes with time. Statistically, lasting love has a greater chance in marriage than in cohabitation. Perhaps, it’s for the single notion of commitment.
Real love guides us to live in peace and with vitality. It teaches us to have courage to face and rise above the challenges life brings. It inspires us to a spirit of generosity and kindness. It leads us to live with dignity and honor. And it reminds us to be quick to forgive as this is the journey of love."

And of course, I had to share one of my all time favorite song.
Home is wherever I'm with you.


Carolynn Markey said…
pretty picture. love sure is a funny thing :)

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