photo credit: Pinterest

I am the artist, photographer, and fashionista. I am the Type B personality thriving in spur of the moments and procrastination. I am lover of all animals and veggies. I am the clumsy and forgetful one. I am the space decorator and dishwasher. I am the world traveler.

He is the computer guru, medicine man, and rapper. (Rapping like nobody's business since Jr. High.) He is very much type A personality, thriving in organization and ambition. He is the lover of science and genius in academics. He is the proactive workaholic. He is the care taker, the responsible one, and the hermit crab.

But together we make a great team. Covering all areas of life, we are able to tackle what life throws at us. Each of us excelling in different areas allows us the opportunity to appreciate the other and their gifts. 

There are times of misunderstandings and miscommunication. There are times of aggravation and frustration. But there is always forgiveness

So happy to be sharing this love day with this man and celebrating eight years together.


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