Embellished Onesies

This is a cheap way to embellish your onesies.
Excuse the poor photo quality. My craft space is in my basement with poor lighting.

*Note: I have not attempted to wash the finished product yet, so it may be a cute outfit for only one outing. I would recommend washing them inside out, but I haven't tested it to see if the fabric bleeds onto the onesie.

-Embellished ruffle from Hobby Lobby
-sewing machine
-hot glue (optional)
Ruffle found at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section although you can make your own ruffle out of your own fabric.
Detach the strand of crystals from the ruffle.
Situate the ruffle around the collar then cut the excess off.
Pin it down to keep form when sewing.
Add crystal strand back to the middle of the ruffle.
I used the excess to make a matching headband.


Carolynn Markey said…
those are so cute! thanks for sharing!

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