Meet Bernie

A week ago, we pulled into Brandon's grandparents' house for our Sunday lunch when we spotted this little guy hiding under their porch.  He was hesitant to come out, but Brandon eventually lured him out of hiding with some of Nana's BBQ!

He was homeless and hungry with a sweet spirit about him. What can I say... he had us at starvation.

We took him home that night in hopes of finding him a good home. After a bath and belly full of food we introduced him to his roommate for the night. Dirk is a little intense so it took some time to get used to the new environment. After he became acclimated with our home, he soon began to fit right it. Dirk took on the "big brother" role easily, and now they are best friends sharing the same bone, same frisbee, and snuggling together.

We have come to love this little guy.



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