Hypnotizing Stripes

My original intentions with this skirt was to hypnotize my students. Well... it didn't work. :) But it is a fun, comfortable addition to my wardrobe.

On another note, the location of this shoot is near and dear to my heart. 
I try to find different locations to make things interesting. It can be a little difficult because Number 1. It's a small town. Number 2. I am still pretty uncomfortable at taking pictures in front of people which is why I employed my mother.Why does that matter? Because there are some really great locations in town, but it's town (you know, with people). So I have been scouting the countryside to find some unique places. 

This particular shoot is at a glove mill across the road from where I grew up. It was the place where my grandmother was first employed, and there is a fairly large river that separates my childhood home from the glove mill. The river was our retreat as children. It was a place we swam, fished, camped, and canoed. It was our playground, and the glove mill was the place we explored on our bikes. It brings good memories back of our adventures.

Striped Skirt: Tj-Maxx / Black Shirt: Target / Cardigan: Target / Shoes: Toms / Purse: Tj-Maxx / Necklace: F21 /  Watch: Target
So... basically you could say that I'm the spokesperson for my good friends Target and Tj. Also, linked up with The Pleated Poppy.


Anonymous said…
You look absolutely lovely. Love the sweater and the necklace with the maxi skirt. Very pretty!
I love the location - very cool! I always take my pictures in the same place, because no one is around. I know people probably could care less if they see me taking pictures, but I just feel so silly about it :)

Love the necklace!
melissa beaver said…
Gorgeous friend. Just gorgeous.
Amanda Cobb said…
Love this outfit! You look great. That skirt is awesome; so is that necklace. :)
Love it! Great location too!

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