Evil Without the Devil?

Brandon and I had recently been church scouting when we were invited to the beautiful stone church that is every girls' dream to exchange vows in.

Having come from completely different church backgrounds, it was quite an adventure finding a home church for the both of us.

I grew up Baptist, but attended Lutheran, Catholic, Non-denominational, etc. etc. services and Bible schools. You could say I was cultured in the different denominations. In high school, I ventured out on my own to find myself and the place that I belonged.

Brandon grew up Missouri Synod Lutheran in a small quaint church where all of his family members attended. It was pretty much all that he had ever known until me. : /

After getting married and settled into life, we have finally started to look for something that would accommodate both our needs. 

On our first visit to this stone church, I was immediately smitten. Not only was the church absolutely mouth watering beautiful, but it was a church that accepted differences. It was a place that agreed to disagree. And in a time when things are changing, sometimes it is better to keep the peace. The church created two separate services not that long ago. One services was for those that wanted the traditional service and one was to meet the needs of the ever growing contemporary style of worship. This church realized the needs of it's members, and what a beautiful thing.

It seems to be much like our lives. Sometimes, we as disciples need to learn to meet the needs of others just as Jesus meets the needs of his people. We are often too caught up in our own lives to change with the world around us.  But we are called to show the light. We can meet the needs of others even in the simple forms of gratitude and kindness.

Another reason I enjoy this church is that I get my toes stepped on every week! No joke, people. Sometimes the Bible isn't just peaches and cream. Some Christians fail to realize that. I myself included. 

Sunday's sermon was out of Romans when Paul was speaking to the Gentiles and Jews. He was uncensored in his truth about who they we are as people, humans, flesh. It was a slap in the face as I sat there and listened because I am who Paul was talking to. As he continued his sermon, he made a comment that struck me hard. The pastor said that humanity was evil even without the devil. What an ironic thing to say because don't we always blame the devil for the evils of the world? But it was the truth. As he backed it up scriptures I heard : This is why we need Jesus. I have heard it before, but when put it into the context that corruption lives within us without Satan, did I truly come to realize why we need him.

He is our light. He is our strength. Without him we are nothing but filled with wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

We cannot do this journey by ourselves. He says...
"Come to me all who are weary, and I will give your rest."- Matthew 11:28
 He is our refuge.


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