This past weekend we celebrated a birthday/anniversary with a getaway weekend to Charleston.
A place where charm meets vintage. The streets and houses revitalized to collide the old world with the new world. 

This was the first official getaway with just the two of us without an agenda. We walked the cobblestone streets, photographed the beautifully sculpted homes, ate famous seafood, and took in the culture of Charleston. We shopped, drank, and held hands like married couples do. It's funny how sometimes you just need new scenery to reel you back into reality of how things should be.

 It is a world set apart from our own. A place where history is kept alive and charm is appreciated. (Two of my favorite things.)
Anthropologie Display- Cardboard Cakes Anyone? They sure do look delicious!
My grammal's favorite color- red coral.
Brandon showing off his "Insanity" skills.

It's fate. There is already a place for my shop. :)
We had such a lovely time, and we are hoping to make turn this into an annual getaway!


melissa beaver said…
Love the pictures! Wish we could have been there!!!
Carolynn Markey said…
I hear there is amazing vintage shopping in Charleston. I've always wanted to visit--it is on my bucket list :)

looks like you had super amazing funs time
joni warren said…
You should totally go! It is absolutely beautiful! You won't regret making the trip! Eat at Hyman's in downtown. It's a little pricey but worth it!
Sarah S. said…
I love these pictures! Definitely makes me want to go back (I went once overnight, wish I could have stayed longer).
Loving your blog. new GFC follower :)

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