Dirk the Destroyer

The crazy blue-eyed mut that is more destructive than a tornado is my beloved, Dirk.

I never thought I'd see the day when Brandon brought home a dog. Little did he know, Dirk was the clone from Marley and me.  I don't even want to think of how much he has cost us over the past year and a half. But irregardless, I still love him.

Love at first sight.
First signs of his destructive behaviors.

This would be 800 wedding pictures that were laid out to dry after Dirk got ahold of them on a frosty morning.
This is his not guilty plea.
Still growing into his ears.
Looking all grown up in this picture.

My beautiful Japanese Maple.
Dirk strikes again. The Japanese Maple remained his new prized possession for several days. :(
Months afterwards, he is still digging up this whole!
Came home to this. Wasn't quite sure what happened here. Later I found out that Brandon had thrown his blanket into the tree and he had gotten it down to this point by the time I got home.
A pull rope toy that we bought. This was after giving it to him for 10 minutes.
No explanation for this one.
Again, the not guilty plea.
But he loves to ride. If you couldn't tell by this picture! :)

We have been through a lot.

-3 water hoses
-the water hose attachment for the house
-one couch leg
-dry wall
-rolls of toilet tissue
-multiple cups
-Japanese Maple tree
-outdoor cushions
-30 day tag off our brand-new truck
-mud flaps on our brand-new truck
-wires on our brand-new truck for the towing hitch
-and a bottle of weed killer

just to name a few.


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