We all have our stories.

We all have our stories to tell. Our situations we came from.

Whether it was darkness, brokenness, anger, hatred, or all of the above. At some point in our lives, we have experienced these situations because we had to. Because we live in a world of sin. 

But why have we all turned out so different?

Some seem to be more effected than others. Some seem to have it all together. Some seem to have forgotten the past and moved on to a more prosperous future. Yet some continue the cycle. They continue to cycle of alcoholism, abuse, brokenness, and anger. Was it because some situations were harder than others? 

I don't seem to agree with that philosophy.

Take a family that grew up in the same situation. All having to deal with the same demons. Yet each child takes a different path in life.

Life is the choices we make.

It is a choice to drink excessively. 
It is a choice to fight in front of your children.
It is a choice to speak unkind words to others.
It is a choice to travel down the roads more traveled.
It is a choice to not to use protection.
It is a choice to hang out with those that may put you in harmful situations.
It is a choice to see it as everyone else's fault.
It is a choice to see someone else's success as a threat.

It is the choice to go get educated.
It is the choice to make a better life than what you had.
It is the choice to make lasting relationships, and to hold those close to your heart.
It is the choice to forgive.
It is the choice to provide stability for yourself as well as your children.
It is the choice to know when it is time to give it up to him because it is too much to bare.

Some learn from their choices. Some learn from other's choices. And some just have to go through the pain of life.

But how do we help those that seem to choose pain? 

I haven't quite found an answer to that one. 

There is a fine line between enabling and helping. I have seen enabling, and it is not pretty. Not only do we help others continue down the same path, but too often we are drug down it as well. 

I want to help. I want them to experience happiness and joy in this life. But I haven't found the answer in how to help. 

I am a firm believer that God has strategically placed people in our lives to help us make better choices. To help save us from ourselves. But it is our choice to accept those people into our lives.

So... will you take the chance?

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