in the life of a dog

This is our sweet Boxador (Boxer/Labrador), Dirk. He is a whopping nine months and still growing! It was literally like having a child for many months. He ate EVERYTHING including shoes, shoe molding, couch legs, baskets, etc. You name it and his teeth were probably on it! We also had the luxury of getting up several times in the night to take him out to potty train. Then when Brandon finally thought it was time to put him outside, I had to train him on the electrical fence.  :(  He has been quite the handful the past couple of months, but he has finally started to "mature". He is a lot less hyper and more lovable than before! He is still potty trained, and he doesn't chew on everything. He has also learned to sit, speak, give you howdy, and lay down! He is such a sweet dog now, and I couldn't be happier!! Even if our yard still looks like a tornado has came through and blown blankets everywhere!

p.s. Dirk drags them around the yard to lay on them. It's kind of cute when you think about it!

Here is a recap of our months with this crazy mutt.

The day Brandon brought this little guy home. He was just too cute to pass up!
Told you he chewed on EVERYTHING!!

Oh, the puppy years.

At the park
Don't let Brandon fool you. He secretly loves this dog! :)
He's such a good boy!
While we were inside, we got flocked by a group of flamingos. This was the closet Dirk came to them for two days. This was his "No way am I getting close to those things!"
He still thinks he's a lap dog.


Heather Barr said…
Aw he's so adorable! I've enjoyed reading about his "adventures" :) hehe He's a beautiful dog!

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