puppy love

i haven't yet formally introduced you all to the newest addition in the Warren household... meet Dirk. he plays rough, bites hard, and scratches the hound out of you!

but... he has an unconditional love. he meets us with a wide open run, ears flopping back ready for a good tummy rub! and really, who couldn't resist those beautiful blue eyes?!

as most parents right now are having a hard time sending their children off to school, i am having a hard time sending mine outside. :( is this ridiculous or what? i have always dreamed of having an indoor dog, but not the prissy kind. the kind that is big enough to stretch across the couch. i thought i had just that when brandon brought him home, but he had other intentions. so, here we are- underground fence in, food, and bed outside. yesterday was the first full day he spent outside for hours on end, and last night was the first night he slept outside. it's hard on me, but he seems to enjoy the freedom. i guess the good part is having our bathroom back. he was apparently getting back at us this night for leaving him in there all day.

i have come to love this sweet creature of ours. we have certainly had our ups and downs with him, but he has been a great addition to our family.

oh, and did i mention he is a good worker too? yeah, check that outfit out! ha!


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