Brandon's 21st Birthday!

i will start the story off at the beginning...

for reading day last december, my good friends and i decided to take a trip to the Biltmore House.

i caught much grief from my beloved because i was taking a friend and not him! i had strategically chose not to take him at Christmas because i had planned to take him when he turned 21 for four reasons:

1) he had never been before
2) the flower gardens would be in bloom
3)they were going to open up four new rooms for the tour this spring
4) he would be 21 and i would be 21 so we could both do the infamous wine tasting at the Biltmore Estate

brandon had known this was a surprise for quite a while. i told everyone in hopes that there would not snitch because i know brandon likes to bribe people into getting his way :) he is a little sneaky like that. over the past couple of weeks he has been questioning me on EVERYTHING! oh my gosh! now, i know what it feels like to be a parent!!! i am telling you, if this boy asked me one question, he asked me 1,ooo,ooo!
  • which direction will be driving?
  • what will i need to wear?
  • how far away is it?
  • is it indoors or outdoors?
  • am i going to get hot?
  • and the list goes on and on.... he even hassled poor sharon with a bazillion questions too!

he thought he had it figured out so many times! It went from butterfly watching, to scream time zipline, to dollywood, to linville falls, and everything else imaginable! not once did he ever guess Biltmore! i am just that good!

we chose to go on a tuesday. i am not sure why we chose then but it worked out in our favor because the day before it rained and the day after it was overcast and cold. brandon insisted on driving while continuing to guess at our destination. when we were about 2 exits from there, he figured it out! he was excited and i relieved that he didn't guess it. we got there and toured the house which is amazing! then we headed down to the gardens. after there, we decided to take what i thought was going to be a five minute walk to the lake and waterfall and what turned out to be a 30 minute hike indeed! i was exhausted and out of shape. we walked along the creek as we headed back to the house. our next stop was the winery for the free wine tasting! strangely, while waiting in line brandon spotted a friend from school (it is a small world after all). we tried six wines altogether. brandon and i had no clue how to "taste" them so we slurped them down and went on our way. (note: we still had 2 more to try but we decided we had tried enough and if we couldn't tell the difference by then, then we should probably go on). the drive through the estate was breathtaking. one day i will have a driveway like that... after we left the estate we decided that we would grab dinner in downtown asheville. we partially got lost but ended up right where we needed to. (that always happens to me). we had a quaint dinner on the patio of a cafe and then headed home to watch a movie. it was a nice day with just the two of us. i like that because i am NOT good at sharing people. things don't mean a thing to me, but people that is a different story.

i hope brandon enjoyed his birthday surprise as well as i did. when you have a long distance relationship things can be challenging, so it was nice to relax and enjoy the company of one another.

love you!


Brandon said…
I knew the whole time, I just didn't want to ruin it for you! :) Thanks again babe, it was great! love you
chrisi said…
it sounds like you two had a wonderful time! happy late birthday brandon!

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