the bucket list


dream: something good that you hope you will have or achieve in the future

there are two types of dreams. ones that we have control over coming true and ones we cannot. we all have them in hopes that one day they will come true and the choices we make usually determine that. as we age and mature, those dreams start becoming more realistic. we forget about becoming princesses and flying. instead, our dreams turn to traveling the world, raising a family on a farm, and starting a small business.

the bucket list is a merely a list of all those dreams we hope to accomplish before our passing. we write them done and mark them off as they turn to reality.

i have marked off a few things on my list; graduating college, marrying a good man, seeing New York City, and the Caribbean islands. there are many more over the course of the next few years i hope to mark off. but in the near future, i will be marking off another lifelong dream; traveling to EUROPE! i have dreamed for a long time of one day traveling to see the beauty of those countries, rich with history and culture. i dreamed of sailing the Mediterranean and gorging on authentic food. soon, i will wait no more. we will be spending two weeks sailing the Mediterranean visiting Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Carthage, Naples, and Sicily. don't worry, i'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

now, go and make your dreams come true!

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