gift guide // for her

1. Madewell Leather Backpack // a timeless you piece that will last many years even through children.
2. Melissa Joy Manning // another timeless piece. melissa's jewelry are unique pieces that are sure to go with any outfit.
3. Fujifilm Instax // this camera is the modern Polaroid leaving you with instant photos. 
4. Minnetonka Slippers // durable slippers that ensure comfort and warmth on the cold winter mornings.
5. Rondo Gold Cutler // a simple sleek design to use for any dinner party.
6. J. Crew Pj's // cause every woman needs some comfy pj's.
7. Faux Deer Mount // animal friendly. :)

1 comment:

Heather Payne said...

I will take everything on this list as well :)