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so... it's been a while. maybe a little too long, but it was needed. you see, sometimes our minds need a break. we need time to live and take in the world around us. and this little blog can take up too much of my life. i don't want this life to pass me by while i am too busy in another world that barely knows my existence.

but in the months of personal reflection, i've had several revelations.

a couple of months ago, i was struggling with certain areas of my life. friendships were a big one.  living in a small town there are only so many connections to be made with others. it narrows even more when you are in different stages of life. i am married so it can be difficult to connect with the single people. i don't have children yet (and apparently two pups don't count ;) so it can be difficult to relate to mothers who are looking for guidance in the parenting world. brandon and i kind of fall between the cracks with our thinking. we aren't liberal, but we're not conservative either. we believe in supporting issues that matter in making the world better and releasing things that don't to good Lord above. we don't claim to have or know all the answers but lets be real people, there are issues others are sticking their noses in while brandon and i have found them not to be our battles in this world. so we let them be.

but the past weeks, jesus has shown me that the few true friendships are far more valuable. to have even just a few accept you with the good, the bad and the ugly is something to cherish. i have people who understand me without judgements and support me in the desires of my heart. they listen carefully and project only the best intentions. they are wonderful, and i don't thank them enough.

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