Dream Home

A few weeks ago, I conned my sister-in-law to travel to Georgia with me to see my dream home.
She agreed without hesitation which is why I love that girl!

I first fell in love with home designs when I was introduced to Architecture Digest in high school. Since then I have been a space person. I am that person that walks into a room and recreates it in my mind. 
Few know that I actually went to college for historic preservation on homes through Interior Design. I saved up just enough money the summer before to buy my first Mac laptop because I knew I would be getting CADD. Long story short... my plans changed when the reality hit that I would marry my high school sweetheart and probably move back home. In our small town there is no need for Interior Design therefore no historic preservation on homes. So I became a teacher. 

But back to my dream home. For years now, I have looked up house plans online. I am very particular with what I want in a home: open floor plan, master bedroom on main floor, walk-in closet for master suite, preferably a second bedroom on main floor, kitchen + dinning room + living room in one space, wrap around porch, etc. (You get the point, right?) 

Well, a few months ago I stumbled upon this beauty that happened to have all the features I could possibly want. With a little research I found out it was actually the 2012 Southern Living Idea Home and anyone could tour it until December 23. Oh, and it was located in Georgia which was a mere 5 and a half hour drive! You bet your bottom dollar my butt was going to see that house or else!

So I did. :) One of the best days of my life. I had to carry a hanky with me to clean off the drool from my mouth with each step into that beautifully crafted home. (: I only snapped a few pictures. So sit back and enjoy the tour!

Master Bedroom

Sitting Area Upstairs
Another Upstairs Sitting Area
Spare Bedroom
Spare Bath 
Spare Bedroom
Spare Bath + Creeper Photographer ;)
Keeping Room off of the kitchen
Back Porch
Side porch coming off of the dinning room.

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