What I Wore: Week 2

Winter is definitely around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the temperature cooler. It is what I like to call layer weather. We begin to dress in layers because of the cool mornings and warmer afternoons. 

I love this weather. Summer has never fit me well with (as my mom calls it) lily white skin. I always felt  that I wore fall and winter a lot better. In the summer you expect people to have darker skin, and well... that has never been the case for me. I always ended up red or pink. But in winter, you expect skin tones to be more pale. And that my friends fits me perfectly.

This winter I have become obsessed with colored tights. I have also gotten into the knitted tights. One downfall, everything picks at them. But irregardless, I think they are fashion must for this winter!

Black Dress: Ann Taylor Loft / Sweater: BCBG thrifted / Tights: Free People Tj-Maxx / Boots: Target
I just got these boots a few weeks ago, and I have already worn them out! They are cheaper, but I would recommend that if you are a person like myself that will wear them with anything then fork out the extra money for better quality. There are these Steve Madden ones that look exactly like mine, but I am sure they will hold up a lot better. Sometimes quality beats quantity.

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