DIY- Fabric Chandelier

Ok... I am sure you all know by now that I am a person who needs to see immediate change. I don't have what they call "patience". I am not really even sure what that word is! ;)

With that said, I have attempted three times to make a chandelier to go by my bedside table.

The first one was supposed to look like this just a little bit smaller. I had half of it complete and gave up. But Lisa has a great tutorial if you are interested!
Credit: Lisa Roy
Next, I attempted a smaller version of this one that I saw at Anthropologie. But much like the other one, it was taking too long.

So I went in search of another diy chandelier when I came to this.
Credit: Pinterest,  Joyfolie
I liked the use of fabric, and that it was simple.

Luckily, my mother works in furniture so I have incurred an abundance of fabric.
Getting to work. As you can see my remnants from my second attempt.
progress: Cut 26 inch strips of fabric and tied them around the shade frame.
I knew I wanted to add some bling. I found these beauties in the Christmas section at Target. Then took them apart and replaced them onto the chandelier.
Because of the way the shade was made, I had to buy a lamp kit at Wal-Mart to get the chord through the top.
Hung it beside my bed and currently enjoying it's beauty! There is one more thing I will do. I will eventually wrap fabric around the wire to conceal it.

 There you have it.

$1- shade from Goodwill
$0- fabric - already on hand
$6- lamp kit- Wal-Mart
$15 glass ornaments- Target
=$22 chandelier

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melissa said...

As always, brilliant!!!