Yes, I am a "mother" too.

Each morning on my way to school, I prepare myself for being a mother, a friend, an encourager, a mediator, a disciplinary, and an educator to 37 students. Which is a pretty daunting task, if you think about it!

Most days I find myself exhausted and beaten down. Mentally, physically, and sometime spiritually exhausted as I fight many unseen demons of this world.

I have heard many times, well your not a "mother" yet. So...you can't really relate. BUT I am in many ways. I may not be a biological mother twenty-four seven, but I can guarantee you that I am having the same battles Monday-Friday.

Teaching them to share. Teaching them to speak words of kindness. Teaching them gratitude. Teaching them their actions will always speak more than their words. Teaching them that we are a family, and we will respect each other.

Each day, I leave feeling that I had gotten frustrated too easily. That it had gotten the best of me. And I wonder if my words really meant anything, or if I was talking to the cinder blocks walls that surround them. I wonder if my "job" had been successful that day or if the devil had won.

But each morning I am reminded on my way to school that I have a new day. A new start. A job to do. And most importantly that I have support, and that I am not alone in my journey.
My morning blessing.
We are not perfect, but we are learning.

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