Living Room Update

Before: As you can see this was taken at Christmas time.
Before: A hodgepodge of furniture collected between college/single years.

Added a window frame. 
Before: New furniture, thanks to Goodwill. Still stuck with a mismatched rug. 
Went in search a cream shag rug that was 8x10. I wanted one big enough to fit under the coach and chairs to make the space seem bigger yet in unity. Have you looked at prices of rugs lately?? OUTRAGEOUS! I couldn't afford to spend over $200 on a rug. After many weeks of hunting, I finally found this one at Walmart for $130 which included shipping! Oh, and it was an 8x10. Not my favorite store for many reasons, but my husband wouldn't let me spend a fortune on a rug. 
Updated: Do you see that rug go all the way under the two chairs and the peeping Tom at my door? :)
Updated chairs + rug
Updated couch + rug + window

Large area rug that I just love. Makes things feel all comfy cozy. 
So now I have updated Our Humble Abode page. Go on over and check it out.