New Endeavors

As you know, I kind of love making things.

My newest endeavor has been headbands. It originally sparked my interest because of my three nieces, and I was getting free fabric from my mom. There were several months that was a trial and error phase. I enjoyed making them by hand, but it became tedious and time consuming. So my search continued.

I have finally found an easier way to make them, and I am now considering opening up an online shop! FINALLY! Although, I might just wait until our beloved Apple Festival to see how much of a demand there is.

But I thought I would give you lovely readers a sneak peek at some creations.
These are some of the flower clips that go on the headbands. They are interchangeable and can also be worn in your hair.

I have headband sizes for:

newborns: 13"
babies: 15"
toddlers: 16"

Headbands are in various colors with the flowers being approximately 2 inches.

I am still working on a name for the shop, but hopefully I will come up with something creative soon!
p.s. I would love to hear your thoughts on the online shop.


Revival Photography said...

Love em!!

melissa said...

Love every one of them! You are so talented.