Falling from Values

As an educator I am slowly realizing what is happening in our country since we have fallen from values.

We being America. We being parents. We even being Christians.

I was in discussion with a veteran teacher today about all the hoops we have to go through now as teachers. It is not simply teaching. We were talking about our frustrations in the system that adds to our daily stresses. Which brought me back to a static that I had heard when I was still in college...

    One out of three teachers choose a different career within the first five years of teaching.

Going on my third year of teaching, I understand why. Like I said before, we are not simply teaching. It seems as though teaching has taken a back seat to everything else that is required. BUT with that said, we (educators) go into this profession for teaching. There is not one teacher that I know that doesn't try to give their students the best education. While I was talking to this teacher, she made a comment that struck me. 

We keep trying to revamp education, but education is not where the problem starts. It starts in the home. It starts with broken homes.

Truth. We as Americans, we as parents, we as Christians have fallen from values.

We have forgotten to teaching our children. Forgiveness. Love. Trust. Kindness. Grace. 

Our children aren't learning to love one another, forgive one another, trust one another, be kind to one another, and have grace with one another. They aren't learning these things because we aren't teaching these things. They aren't learning these things because we aren't being examples of these in our lives. When trying to fix what is broken, we have to start looking at the root of the problem.

Are we loving our neighbors? Are we showing grace and forgiveness to those that have wronged us? Are we trusting? Are we admitted to our wrongdoings? 

We don't really have an excuse not to. We were shown by the greatest example who walked this Earth. Our Jesus came to show us. And as much as it breaks my heart to admit it, I too am guilty.

But it is a different story when little eyes are on us because they do as we do. So while we are responsible for our actions, we should still take some responsibility for theirs. They mimic what they see.

Are they mimicking Jesus?
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Melissa Bowman said...

Well said Joni. I love to teach and I want to give each child my best every day. Sadly, there are many things that make it harder to provide the very best education for every child. Education reform will not fix America. I wish it could.

Leah L said...

wonderfully written. and i couldn't agree more