enjoyment: (n) something that provides joy

Enjoyment is something that we often times give up for careers, yard work, household chores, to-do lists, etc.

Well... I will have you know that this weekend my husband and I gave up those things for the enjoyment of one another's company, for family, and for much needed time for ourselves.

We made a mountain date that we have been saying we were going to do all summer and this is the first time we have been up there. We enjoyed sleeping in on the rainy, foggy day. We watched movies, cooked together, and did a little house cleaning. But most importantly, we enjoyed one another. We put our other obligations on hold to be married.

We too often forget to do just that.

married: (adj) closely or intimately united

Don't live with regrets of giving up your marriage for things of less value. Your marriage is something that should always be a top priority. Something you should guard and treasure with your heart.

This weekend I enjoyed being married.

Our beautiful mountain town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. 
Enjoying Kilwin's  and the cool mountain air.

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melissa said...

Love this!! And I love you guys:) so glad we get to be friends!