Anthropologie Inspiration

If you know me at all then you know how much I obsess love Anthropologie!! It is an addiction that I can't shake.

I am always gaining inspiration whether it's home decor or new fashion looks.

Every now and then I take a stroll just to admire their work. Not so long ago, I stumbled upon this beauty.
Can you guess what it is made from?? 
Well... just to give you a brief overview because I was definitely stalking  scoping out this chandelier.
It is made from:
+ twine (very inexpensive)
+ recycled light fixtures (but you can do without them and just use lamp kits)
+ Tomato stake for the frame
+ plastic spoons with the tips melted and hung at various lengths
+ some old chandelier pieces
 one beautiful master piece

This is why I absolutely love Anthropologie. They think "inside" the box by using inexpensive recycled materials. Who knew plastic spoons and twine could be so pretty!

Maybe one day there will be a recreation. joni-style, of course! :)

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