Walkway Makeover

When my husband and I first started fixing up this home, we focused our efforts on the interior. Now that the interior space is complete, we have been trying to jazz up the exterior as time and money would allow.

It was just a few months ago when we finally got around to landscaping the front of our house. You can see that here

Now we have been focusing our efforts on the back of the house. Last week Brandon and his dad took out several rose bushes and overgrown weeds, then mulched the sides and back of the house. 

This week Brandon and I began our walkway transformation!
Our sad pathway before. Just some stepping stones. We killed the grass to prevent any from coming up!
But the new mulch and $2 Wal-mart shrubs will add a nice touch. 
Getting work done.
Halfway there: Dug out for the timbers and at the door, took the top layer of grass off, attempted to level it out as much as we could.
The workin man. (or sweaty man)

Planted trees, added black plastic, stepping stones, and 25 bags of pea gravel.
Mission Complete for roughly $125.

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