Elephant Lamp Revamp

When my sister-n-law and I were looking for nursery decorations for my nephew, we came across this wonderful lamp by Jonathan Adler. There was only one problem...$395!!!! Unfortunately, we didn't love the lamp that much. 
So we went on with our endeavors of finding something that could go in its place. Then the other day I came across this beauty in an antique store for only $10. It had an ugly stained lamp shade that I just let the store have back. 

Max's room is a modern zoo, carolina blue walls with navy, lime green, and white accents.

I originally wanted to paint it an all glossy white with a colored lampshade. I changed my mind to spice it up a bit with a green elephant and a white shade.
Not bad before but definitely better afterwards!

This is after about 3 coats.
You can still see the marble look underneath it. Still in need of more layers.
A complete elephant lamp revamp!
This was taken in our bedroom because I was too excited to share it, but I'll get another one in Max's room.
Total Cost:
-$9 lamp (thrifted)
-$9 lampshade (Target)
-$4 spray paint  (Wal-mart)

Beat that Jonathan Adler!

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aPearantly sew said...

This turned out so cute!