We're Famous!

Well... not really. But we did make it into a book thanks to our dear friends at Revival Photography!

When I first started my search for "our" wedding I purchased Southern Weddings Magazine. It was their first edition, and I was in love. It is one of the few magazines that actually has real weddings and a lot of them!! That is what we need, magazine people!! We don't want the advertisements, we want the good stuff.

Anyways, their cover wedding had taken place at a barn with a band and yard games! That was it! I knew then, that was what I wanted! A barn! After all, we grew up in Taylorsville, North Carolina y'all. I was immediately in search of a barn that we could use. Only one problem... they were all occupied with either cows, bugs, or dead animals. :/ Not exactly what I pictured.

I ended up finding the perfect setting at The Doc and Merle Watson Theatre in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The home of bluegrass.

After our wedding, I really wanted to have our wedding featured in the magazine that got it all started. Plus our wedding pictures were exquisite! Heather got right on board and submitted them to SW Magazine. Unfortunately, we weren't chosen. (insert sad face here) BUT... Heather hooked us up with Rustic Wedding Chic. It is a website that has everything rustic for your wedding. They are in the process of publishing a book, and guess who's in it???

You got that right!! WE ARE!!!! AHHHH!! Go on over and check it out here!

They also just featured us for our use of the vintage suitcase!

Suitcase-$5 at the local Goodwill
Card Banner- made by my lovely cousin at Apearantly Sew
Vintage Necklace/Doily- family owned

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Revival Photography said...

:) I can't wait to get the book in my hands!! :) You know, I'm so excited that we ended up getting in the book. I was a little sad when Southern Weddings didn't respond back too, but look at how awesome it turned out that we get in a BOOK! I guess it worked out for the best didn't it!! :) You did such an awesome job putting everything together and the decor and EVERYTHING looked so perfect! :)