Wedding Attire

There are hundreds of different looks out there. Finding the dress of your dreams can be a challenge but well worth it in the end.

Much like the "theme" of your wedding, you also need to take into consideration the what type of bride you are. Some people have an idea therefore they can eliminate painful hours of trying dresses on. While others will need to try on different styles to get the right one. But before going to try any on, have an idea of what you might like. The choices are endless.

straps vs. strapless
short vs. long
train vs. no train


Princess/ Ball gown
Mermaid/ Trumpet
Empire Waist

For example: I knew that I was not the princess type. I had never wanted to be a princess on my wedding day. I just wanted to be me. I tried on one princess dress for my mother-in-law. It wasn't that bad, but I didn't like carrying the weight of the dress. I wanted a simple, no beading, light weight dress with straps. I liked the strapless dresses, but I knew that I would spend my wedding night pulling my dress up and that is never pretty.

So narrow your choices to get a better idea going into a fitting, and pay attention to the details. This is your dress. One that represents and embodies you. Choose the one you feel is right.

** Also note: Wear make-up, have your hair somewhat fixed, and wear nude undergarments! Many people think white undergarments should be worn, but trust me... you will thank me later! ;)

Here are some different styles.
The unique bride.
 The modest lace gown.

The fun cropped wedding dress.

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