Summer Goals

As most of you know, I am a teacher therefore I get the summers off.

Summer is the time for me to rejuvenate.

It is the time for me to catch up on things around the house, projects, visit with long lost friends and family. Typically summers are overbooked maybe that is why they seem to fly by. I already have something planned every day for the next 2 weeks. Granted one whole week is VACATION in the Caribbean! If your not jealous, you should be!  ;)

We are taking a cruise for B's graduation/ and calling it an anniversary/honeymoon all wrapped into one! We are trying to make the best out of what we can. We will be sailing the high seas in T-5 days to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Don't worry, I will hopefully take lots of pictures.

As for the rest of my summer, I have a lot planned.

-Repainting is on the list for several things in our house.
-Visiting my beloved Grammal.
-Hanging with friends and hosting a backyard celebration. I have lots of fun ideas for this one.
-Working towards daily devotionals. Getting my heart right.
-Daily walks/ exercise with my Dirkster
-Making a lot of yummy summer desserts
-spoiling nieces and nephews
-planning dates for me and hubs. We don't make this enough of a priority, and we all should.
-Enjoying the sunshine, pool days, and summer hikes.
-driving with the windows down and the radio turned up
-sleeping in then eating a good breakfast on the porch

I am sure not all of this will be accomplished. If only time was on our side.

But most importantly this summer, I need to live my life in the direction the Lord desires for me. I find myself wanting to take control and getting myself in a bind. I need to be open to opportunities he presents to me and consider them carefully.

We only have one life to live. And this summer will never come again so I plan to make the most of it.

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