The Radio Flyer

My grammal's first husband was the love of her life. I could sit and listen to her stories all day long of the compassion they shared. She is so wise in love, true love.

She would always buy her husband and son a "toy" each year. Not a small toy but one that had thought in it. One year her gift to her husband was the little red wagon. She thought it was a little silly gift, giving a grown man a wagon, but little did she know that would be one of the best gifts she had gave him. Her husband was a farmer so he used the wagon to carry the milk from the barn up to the house.

*Note-This woman is 96, and her first husband passed away roughly 40-50 yrs ago. So this wagon is an antique by all accounts.

Fast forward many years later. Grammal remarried my grandpa and therefore making her my grammal! She inherited many grand kids with this marriage.

This woman stole my heart from a very young age.

She was in her late 70's and 80's when we were growing up. She would walk with us, rub our backs till we feel asleep, play in the garden, run through the sprinkler, and teach us many of life's lessons. Many great memories were created with this woman. One of our favorites was taking the little red wagon out and riding it down the ramp.

When I got married, I only had one niece and nephew at the time. My niece had just turned 1 and wasn't yet walking. Our wedding incorporated our heritage through vintage family pieces, and what better way to get Miss Hattie Grace down the aisle than the Radio Flyer. It was a perfect plan with her brother, Micah, pulling her.

I was a little nervous asking grammal to borrow it. After all, I know how much it meant to her first husband and therefore her. She proudly let me take it.

Fast forward to my wedding day. Grammal comes in to greet me! She insisted that I keep the wagon. She had talked to her son about it, and they both knew how much I loved it and decided that it should be mine. What a great gift to receive on a day of so many blessings. I truly treasure this wagon, and I hope one day my children will too.

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