100 years

Today is our first wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?? We made it a whole year!! Yeah, it shocks me to every time i think about it! :)

Last 7+ years Recap:
-attended junior prom
-attended senior prom; we were on prom court together
-graduated high school
-attended separate colleges first year
-joined together at Appalachian State sophomore year
-separated again for B to attend pharmacy school
-I moved home to student teach
-fixed up our lovely house
-I graduated college
-got a teaching job
-Brandon works hard at school
-moved into our house
-B brought home our first child, Dirk
-got MARRIED!!
-B moved in (of course)
-both worked like "married" couples do
-B graduates, passes both exams making him an official pharmacist 
-1 Year celebration of marriage

It is crazy for me to sit back and think of all that we have been through together; births, deaths, multiple graduations, life changes, careers, the list can go on forever.

But Five for Fighting put it best:

"There's never a wish better than this. When you only get 100 years to live."

I am living a dream life with the best person to share it with. Hoping to share 100 years together. We would be 117 years old. I think we can do that.

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