Uncontainable Excitement

Just when I thought life couldn't get any busier, my to-do lists are amplified, and time has somehow disappeared. God sure has a sense of humor and a funny way of teaching us life's lessons.

Just to give a little preview of the last week.

Two Saturdays ago, we had Brandon a graduation/birthday party. I was just a little stressed, but we had a great turnout and lots of support.
Baby Max is still in the belly.
The following week we got a little surprise. It first started with an innocent call from my sister-in-law, who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time. She wasn't feeling well on Tuesday. Next thing I know, she is in the hospital with baby Max on the way!! He arrived Wednesday night around 7:15. Momma and Max are doing GREAT!
It's a birthday celebration! And yes, I bought birthday hats!! You got to celebrate some way! :)
Proud Auntie and Uncle.
Do you see the excitement on Sharon's face?!
The unfortunate thing was Brandon's graduation was that Saturday. So Jason, Ash, and little Max wasn't able to come. But that does lead me to our next adventure. The graduation at Wingate University incorporates all graduates together which means that undergrads, masters, and the pharmacy school all graduate together. On Friday, the school of pharmacy has a special ceremony just for pharmacy students where they present their awards called the Hooding Ceremony.
Guess who got the Lilly Achievement Award?????? That's right! I am one proud wife!
A little blurry, I know. But it is the best one we have. :/
Even Brandon's Great Great Aunt, Jenny Maude (91) came!

The next day was Mother's Day, my parent's 27th anniversary, and Hattie Grace's birthday. WOW, I know! Another busy day, yet again. We celebrated Mother's Day with Brandon's family that morning then headed to Asheville to celebrate the rest!
Mom, Hattie Grace, and Baby Elle
It's the birthday girl with Mom's famous chocolate cake.
Have your weeks been as crazy as mine?? Hoping for R & R soon!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy days! Love the pictures!

Revival Photography said...

Lots of big stuff happening!!! :) BY the way, I'm loving your new blog layout! :)