The Simple Life

Lately, Brandon and I have been decluttering our house. You know how you always hold onto those things you never use but keep them just in case you need them, but truly never do. Well... we tossed them. We had both collected so much from college and then combined those things when we got married. And boy did we have a lot of stuff!

I feel like this is what I need to do in my life, holding on to things with little or no value.

I need to be intentional with my decisions, with my actions, with my friendships.

I need to invest in people and not things.

I need to declutter my life of all the fluff that takes over and clouds my purpose here.

I read this quote from my sweet friend Melissa at The Pleated Polka Dot.

descendant of brokenness. anger and hatred.
moving forward to a life of love, fullness and joy.
It resonated with me.
Whether it is where we came from, who we were, what we've said, or what we've done, we all have our skeletons. BUT it is our decision, our intention, to make the difference. 
So... Melissa, I WILL JOIN YOU!! Moving forward to a life of love, fullness and joy in the simple life.

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melissa said...

i seriously just teared up. you are one precious soul my friend. i think you and brandon are amazing and i am so proud of you guys!! yes...move forward to a life of love, fullness and joy. we will journey together my friend.