Home Improvement with Nosy Neighbors

When we were first fixing up this house, the yard needed a little maintenance. Unfortunately, it wasn't priority so it wasn't until lately that we have finally gotten around to making it look decent.

I wish I had taken some before pictures to give you a better idea of what I am talking about, but some clips and details will just have to do.

First of all, there were some lovely (NOT) cinder block flower beds surrounding the front of the house with a railed in front porch. Brandon gutted all the weeds out, threw away the cinder blocks, and took off the front rail.
This is the best  I could find of our not-so-pretty yard last year. But hey, the cinder blocks and ugly railing was gone at that point.

A very bare yard except for the beautiful snow.
Last year we put some mulch down, but I was paying for a wedding so plants weren't really in that budget.

BUT we got down to business this year!! We have planted some juniper trees, hostas, pencil Japanese holly bushes, and a Japanese maple tree. Yesterday, we trimmed our trees, and my hard working husband and his father spent today mulching the yard.

Yay for a good looking yard!
 Do you have those nosy neighbors? The ones that are always watching what you do?? Well, we do!

And I had finally had enough. It was payback time! Dirk and I captured them in the act! No denying it now, Cows.
Action shot that I may use for blackmail later.

Oh, p.s. I finally bought wedding pictures for our house!!

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I love reading your blog.... being inspired by your crafty projects...

P.S LOVE your photo display!! :)