DIY- Ruffle Apron/ Ruffle Bag

A few months ago, my friend and I purchased what we thought were adult aprons. Only to realize when we arrived home, they were for kids.

I made one for my nephew, Micah.
My friend, Kaley, painted hers here.
I still had another one with the intentions of making it for my niece, Hattie Grace. Her birthday was coming up, so I finally got around to it!! I wanted hers to be girlie and cute. And I love ruffles.

What you need:
  • kid's apron- Hobby Lobby $3/$4
  • a few strips of fabric in a couple different patterns (I used 2.) Also, make sure that the strips are cut longer than the width of your apron. I guesstimated mine.
  • lace trim
  • lace for fabric flowers
  • needle and thread
  • sewing machine
I will attempt to give the tutorial through pictures. Bare with me.
Always try to iron your fabric first. As you can see, I did not because it was 10:00 the night before during our week of chaos.
Sew on lace the trim. Mine is a little crooked, but I didn't have time to fix it. Hopefully Hattie Grace won't notice. :)
 After you sew the hem, you will then want to make a straight stitch at the top of your strip of fabric to create the ruffle.
 Don't forget to iron out those wrinkles if you didn't do it before like me!! It certainly wasn't perfect. If I had more time to work on it, I would have been neater. But either way, it was made from love, and I hope she will get her cook on! ;)

For Mother's Day, we wanted to get Brandon's mom something other than flowers. With her first grandchild making his appearance the week before what better gift than a Mimi bag just for grand babies!
Bought this two pocket canvas bag at Hobby Lobby. Dressed it up with some girlie ruffles for a girl in green/blue boy colors.
Added two ruffles down the middle of each pocket.
Found this cute little applique quote. I thought it was so appropriate for a grandma. The only thing was that it was not sticking to the canvas, and after several attempts to apply it, it burnt the fabric a little. Insert sad face here. But I have a plan!! I am going to make a Mimi patch and cover it up.


melissa said...

Joni- you have such style and are so creative. I love the apron for Hattie! They are so blessed to have you for an aunt!!! Come see us soon, k?


Revival Photography said...

Oh my WORD!!!! I love them!!! You are so talented and have such an eye!