Awkwardly Beautiful

I am the most clumsy, forgetful, reckless with words person you will probably ever meet. I am a constant (unintentional) laugh for my husband.

I stress easily and this last week was no exception to that rule.

It was a tough week. My husband was out of town (sad face). There wasn't one night that I got home before dark. My kids at school are going CrAzy because it is almost summertime. Parents have little understanding of this, ESPECIALLY with a classroom full of them. And yesterday was Brandon's big party, so the house needed cleaning, the park needed cleaning, and things needed to start coming together. Not to mention that was biggest party I have planned besides my wedding, but with the help of his family it came together smoothly.

With all that said, the words of a fellow blogger were much needed this morning. I live by most of these, but there are some that I am still learning. Go visit her here.

Style does not equal an expensive price tag.
Nor does an expensive price tag equal style.
Confidence is sexy.
...so is a little black dress.
High heels are your leg's best friend, and your feet's worst enemy.
Always wear mascara.  If anything, it will look dramatic when you cry.
Beauty is evident in your soul; not just your skin.
The best sense of humor is the one that can laugh at itself.
Set your own trends.
Don't be afraid to be you; live loud.
If you worry about what other people think of you, you'll never know what you think of yourself.
Besides, worrying only gives you wrinkles.
If it doesn't make you proud, don't do it.
Live in the moment.  The past is gone; the future undetermined.
When you are having a bad day, turn it around.
But ice cream makes everything better.
Sing loud.  Dance often.  Rock out with a serious air guitar.
And when all else fails, don't forget to smile.

Hope that it can be some words of wisdom for you in your times of awkwardness, which is hopefully not as often as mine. 

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