Weekend Fun

This past weekend was extra special for a couple reasons.

#1) My sweet nephew and niece, Micah Brock and Hattie Grace, came to visit us.

#2) We celebrated my sweet husband's 24th birthday! Yay, has finally caught up with this old gal! 

I just love having those kids over. They eat well. They are the best snuggle buddies, and they have that belly laugh that will bring a smile to any one's face. 
I know it is a little blurry, but isn't this just the sweetest picture?!
While they were here I learned that Micah is going to marry to my flower girl, Eisley. He said so. (What an imagination and memory since it was almost a year ago!) Hattie Grace is a little instigator. I think Micah is finally getting payback. Hattie also has the best manners, but she doesn't like to make up the bed. 

She asked me what I was doing. I replied, "Making up the bed. Do you want to help me?" She answered, "Nope. I don't." And walked out. She definitely has personality, and I love seeing her grow. 

On Sunday morning, we got up early and fixed Uncle Brandon's birthday cake. While he was getting ready, we set up for a surprise.

They were so excited, they couldn't help sneaking in finger bites when I turned around! I think Brandon was surprised, don't you? :)

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melissa said...

sweet little post. and brandon...bless him. you can tell he totally does not care for children...at all ;)

love you guys!