tv person or music person?

There are two types of media people.

The ones who love "their" shows. You know what I am talking about. They'll say, "Whelp, my show is coming on tonight."  My mother-in-law is one who plans her nights around her shows.

And then there those like me who would have Pandora 24/7 if at all possible! Music for me is needed to study, clean, cook, dance, you name it, and the music is probably on at my house. I really don't know why we even pay for cable as little as we truly use it. Well.. except for Brandon. We would probably have to buy an ESPN channel just for him (if you could do that). Hey, there's an idea!

But seriously, I LOVE music. There is something about it that eases my spirit. It calms my day, and gives me energy.

Lately, I have been stuck on Bon Iver. It was a necessity for my mornings there for a while.
But now I am stuck on Florence + The Machine. I know her videos are "strange" but her music just does something inside of me. I think she is an innovative artist and brings a new twist to the music world. This is one of her songs that got me hooked.

Hope you enjoy.

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melissa said...

love love love florence and the machine!!!