Craft Day

One of my dear friends and I were having a regular craft night each week until life happened. We were meeting pretty regularly there for a few weeks and then we both just got busy.

She happens to be a teacher also, but in another district. Fortunately, for the both of us, we happen to have spring break at the same time!! Wahoo! The craft day was planned!!

We gathered ideas and materials and set to work!
New Target quilt for $25!
My wall decor from my other bedspread just was doing the trick so without wanting to spend extra $$, I had to get thrifty!
I had this framed scrapbook paper with a picture and hoop art on the wall before. 

Reused the frame, changed the scrapbook paper, and added a monogrammed button W.
The others were mixed frames that I had around the house in various colors. Spray painted them with paint I had on hand in white and purple and added more scrapbook paper plus photos.
Kaley had seen a Pinterest project of making earrings out of scrapbook paper. I had most of the materials without realizing it!
Cute paper that was supposed to be used at Christmas. As you can see it wasn't. BUT it made perfect earrings! Large squeeze punch from my chandelier project.
Punch a small hole in the top for your ring and add layers of Mod Podge. We used what we had, but we think there is a better Mod Podge that will work. We will test it out and let you know! ;)
Add hooks and you have your earrings!! We LOVE them!
A few months ago we had made a Hobby Lobby trip and got some lovely aprons. Only to realize when we got home that were for kids. Whomp, whomp. We kept them of course! I made one for my nephew, Micah. Kaley worked on hers yesterday using a stencil pattern out of freezer paper!
She printed a picture she liked, cut it out with an exacto knife, heated the stencil onto the fabric with an iron, and painted the middle. Here is her little teapot. Sorry, I forgot to get an after shot.

The lovely Kaley modeling her work!

I was employed to make some headband flowers for a mom and her soon to be newborn. Here are some pieces I worked on.
Chiffon fabric, stencil pattern, pretty beads with needle and thread.
Stagger the petals.
pretty lacey flowers

Happy Spring Break to us! Now, on to the beach for R&R!

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