Bird Pillows, Merigold Table, Window Art

With a few days off for Easter/Spring Break, this girl has been busy!! 

I was finally able to finish the bird pillows made out of fabric my mom brought me!
I knew I wanted the bird made from this paisley fabric onto a linen fabric.
I glued an adhesive backing to the fabric.
Found a cutie bird that I liked online. Traced it onto paper. Then traced it onto the back of the adhesive fabric.
The fabric was already pre-cut for bigger pillows, but I wanted ours to be a little smaller.
I did not sew these on. Only the fabric applique was used. So I took clear finger nail polish and went around the edges to keep them from fraying.

Painted this ugly beauty. (Oxymorron you say? Yes, indeed. Isn't that the point of the unseen beauty?:)
Bought for $4.50 at the local Goodwill.
Roughed up a little.
This was probably the third coat. Many more to go!
Getting closer, but still not there.
Isn't she lovely?

Now, this art piece was bought several years ago at Kirklands for $15. I originally bought it as a makeshift headboard in college because my bed didn't have one. I loved it as a headboard, but when I moved I had to find another spot for it. It was first placed here above the fireplace, but I knew I didn't want it to stay there.
Then it traveled here because I wanted our thumbprint tree over the fireplace. It served its purpose there, but I again wanted something else there too!

I finally came across those lovely vintage windows in an earlier post. And guess what??? I found the perfect place for one!!

Oh, our mountain retreat was restoring for the heart and soul. The good Lord knew we needed it because we stayed for $0.
Beautiful sunrise from our cabin.
We took a relaxing hike along a river.
The windows of my soul I throw
Wide open to the sun.
~John Greenleaf Whittier, My Psalm

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